Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What is a collective?

Are we working together? Are we a collective? Do we meet and talk and hear each other? Because with the latest edition of the press-release, I am beginning to wonder. I have worked in some amazing collectives but I have also experienced the frustration and anger that come from a poorly functioning collective. I want FFC to be pleasant and beneficial to us all. I want it to be smooth and harmonious. I want it to be the good kind of collective. But what seems to be developing is discord- specifically one individual making decisions for the rest of us. Decisions that are inaccurate and against the will of the group. And not only that- but making those decisions public! Broadcasting them. Our logo looks nothing like that chicken bullshit. There are more than two of us in this group. It was founded by Kenya. The opposite of all of this was just published on the Mercury Blog.

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