Monday, June 16, 2008

FFC Minutes! 6/11/08

Here's what we talked about on June 11th!

  • 8 spots are confirmed for the Pool Trade Show, we still need to find one more designer
  • Our money is due by July 1st. (keep how much we are each paying secret) You can write a check out to the Pool Trade Show, Kenya will mail our checks together. Thanks!
  • Lindsey's going to help us by finding a large rental van for traveling down in

  • Party is going to be held on the 22nd of June from 12-5 at Olio United
  • We're going to have 2 djs, a banner, and must bring a rack if we have one
  • Still undecided on beverages, if we do want them, we should supply them, not Olio
  • Kenya and I spoke with Cathy and Korinne after our last meeting. They suggested we bring our own cash bags and receipts to do our own transactions with customers. That they will run credit cards for us, for a 15% fee. That they have some racks, but if people have a few nice racks that could be better. Everyone will meet by 11 at the space, doors open at noon.
  • We decided to use Kenya's friend's logo, he will create a final version for our approval soon
  • We still need to find a font, some people are on that
  • - this is an online tradeshow that is quickly getting big. It costs $300 now, 25 styles = $125
  • Our "how to rep lines" meeting with Tracy will be held at her show room on July 28th at 7:00pm. We will take only 3 cars and will bring offerings for Tracy as a thanks.
  • Portland Fashion Week as a collective $500 per designer
GOALS FOR NEXT MEETING - Tuesday June 17th @ noon
  • Bring intentions about FFC to next meeting
  • Come up with rules and guidlines
  • Reach consensus about membership
  • Have a base for mission statement

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Alyson Clair said...

FFC! Cool! I would love to work with you guys. I have a line and work in an apparel manufacturing facility.