Friday, June 6, 2008

FFC Minutes!

Hey all, here's what we talked about at our last meeting on Wednesday the 28th of May.

  • Lindsey made us a myspace page. You can go to to see it.
  • We need to get a logo and font together!
  • Emily Kingan is going to help us all out by giving a bookkeeping workshop! YAY! This is going to happen sometime in the not too distant future.
  • The last week of July, sometime in the afternoon Tracey is going to give us a little lecture on repping our clothing.
  • We decided to work on getting press by doing smaller events for a while, holding off on a big fashion show event until people have heard our name a few times.
  • We talked about doing the Junk to Funk fashion event again (happening in November)...this time we thought it might be better if we made our recycled outfits as a group, instead of trying to force ourselves to use up all our scraps alone.
  • In regards to the Pool Show, here's what we discussed:
  1. We need hang tags
  2. We will get 2 racks each in our spacious booths
  3. It's a good idea to have a design feature in your booth. ie. hanging a large print of a photograph, putting up drawings, etc.
  4. The bigger the line you show, the more interest you will attract to your booth
  5. It's important to show all colorways, not just bring samples of other colors your clothing comes in.
  6. We're going to rent the biodiesel bus to take to Vegas for the event
  7. We're going to do a practice runthrough of Pool before the big day
  8. FFC t-shirts, sashes, buttons, cards, totes, etc.etc. merch! We are going to sell it on our website
  9. Make postcards (takeaways) of your line for buyers and interested parties to have to remember you
  • We learned about the cool iphoto function that allows you to make your own cool catalogues!!
  • Some Portland label/notions places:
  1. Rose City Textile
  2. NW Tag and Label - 11th and Division
  3. PCB labels (online)
  • Our warehouse party:
  1. Scheduled for June22nd
  2. Beyonda and Equestrian are on board for dj-ing
  3. Sara Moskovitz from the Willamette Weekly will put out our press release!
  4. Let's get organized.
Much love from your loyal stenographer -
Hey Trey

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