Friday, June 6, 2008


Does anyone know where I could get a rolling rack- collapsible, cheapish?

Also- I wanted to let everyone know where I got my postcards and business cards made- they came back great with high quality images:
I get my catalogs printed at

I have to admit I am not that stoked on the logo- I was thinking of something less chickeny. But thank you to the guys who worked on it. Logos are tricky and designing one that pleases all 9 of us will be even trickier I suppose. We will discuss.


sky&boat said...

i refuse to write the t-word on this blog. I got my rolling racks at the place with the red bullseye logo.

Reif said...

I know you can get used racks at Portland store fixtures, down in the industrial SE area, but I don't know if they have folding ones. I have a folding one on loan to me, I can email its owner and find out where she got it.